Why are you so happy all of the time?

This is the question I get asked almost daily. 
How come you walk around with that silly grin on your face when sometimes the whole world is crumbling around you?  You must be fakin' it- I've heard some people say.  Or you must not be in touch with reality!  That's another I've heard through the years.  
If you don't know me, let me let you in on my secret. Which is no secret at all. I have lived a life of encouragement and peace for the last three decades because I have done my best to live out Psalm 37:4 That says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!" This doesn't mean I can just ask God for anything and He gives it, because I'm one of His. It means when my desires or will becomes His will, He is a good Daddy and longs to give His children what they need. (Notice I said "need" not want.) This is a cause and effect relationship. So, when my desires become His desires, He gives us the desires of our hearts. I have counseled many people who struggle to know God's will for their lives. This should not be! Do you know that God wants us to know His will for our lives more than we want to know it! He doesn't hide it from us like some believe. It stands written in the Word. Trouble is, we just don't look hard enough or long enough sometimes to find out the truth of God's will for our lives.
We get to thinking sometimes, I got this God. Or, I can handle this one without you. It is our own selfishness that causes sin in our lives, and for us to do things our way. If you know me, Some of you have heard me boast about being the happiest man on the Earth! I am at peace with everyone I know. I have no bitterness or unforgiveness in my heart. I owe no one on the Earth, that I know of. And I have the greatest wife God ever created for a man. The Word of God continues to guide me to discover how to walk in truth in all these areas and more.  This peace and happiness is available for you also.  If  you are interested in living out the truth of Psalm. 37:4  email me and I could coach you in this worthy walk of faith.

Originally posted in August 4, 2014.
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