We are all addicted to something. Some in good ways and some in bad ways.  Our world and culture seems to be addicted to all the wrong things.  I won't start naming a list, because as sure as I do, I wouldn't name yours and you would think you are off the hook.
But when we are addicted to something, and want to quit, we tend to focus on the fight or the addiction so much, instead of the Father.  If you have longed for deliverance from a life long addiction, I have the solution...... Focus on God every morning, and all throughout your day.  Make Him the focus of your goings and comings. 
Read the love letter He wrote to all His children on a daily basis, and talk to Him about everything. He really cares about the things we care about  here on Earth. 
There is a new video podcast on Keith Irwin Ministries YouTube page.  It is the testimony of a dear friend of mine named Victor Thomas.  Enjoy. 
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Originally Posted on June 16, 2014.
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